How to Write a Good News Article


News articles are the backbone of a newspaper or web site. They are meant to inform and engage the reader with current events, culture and politics. News articles vary from hard news to in-depth articles. Writing a news article requires extensive research to be sure that all information is accurate and current. When researching a topic it is important to keep in mind the intended audience, how much of the story they will read and what they need to know. The inverted pyramid structure of a news article is an effective way to organize the facts and information for readers.

A successful news article should be brief so that people will read it, clear so that the message is understood and picturesque so that the reader remembers the news. It should also be unbiased and not biased toward one particular point of view or a particular political party. It is generally in third person and not first or second person, however a name or initials may be used instead of the entire name for reasons of privacy or to avoid jarring the reader with any sudden switches of persons.

Events that make news are usually things that happen to a large number of people, involve drama and have consequences beyond one person’s life. For example, the story of baby tigers being saved from a poacher’s trap is not only interesting but also has significant impact for animal lovers. Other elements that add to the newsworthiness of an event are whether it involves violence or scandal, is local and familiar, or incorporates a natural disaster.

In addition to a factual base, a news article should include quotes from sources. These quotes can be from a variety of people, from experts who can provide technical analysis to everyday people who can share their personal stories about the subject matter. Using quotes is a great way to add more depth and emotion to an article.

Regardless of what type of news an article is, it should be written in the present tense. This is more likely to elicit reader reaction and help the reader to understand the context of the news. It is also a good idea to use the full names of people rather than their initials for first reference, as this helps the reader to identify with them.

While it may seem like a challenge to write an interesting news story, the process is similar to writing any other type of paper. A good place to start is by identifying the subject, understanding its purpose and researching it thoroughly. This will help the writer to develop an outline and plan the structure of the news story. Once the outline is finished, it is then a matter of putting the details of the story together in order to create an informative, entertaining and engaging piece of news.