What is Fashion?


Fashion is a term used to describe clothing and the styles in which we dress. It can be categorized according to the culture of a person or group of people. Fashion terms include ‘Mode’ and ‘Style’. You will also find out more about the influences of culture on fashion and terms used in the field of fashion.

Modes of clothing

Clothing serves many purposes: as a barrier between the skin and the environment, it prevents cold from penetrating the skin, provides protection against the sun and wind, and provides thermal insulation during cold weather. Some people also use clothing as adornment or to express their tastes and preferences. In addition, clothing also has social functions. It can differentiate people by gender and social status, and serve as a means of protecting people from the elements and various hazards.

In most cultures, gender is distinguished by clothing styles, colors, and fabrics. However, the extent of gender differentiation varies by culture.

Styles of dress

Styles of dress have changed throughout history. The Renaissance, Victorian, and Edwardian periods all featured different dress styles. The styles of the period tended to be more ornate. Moreover, there were different fashion styles for men and women. The early Regency styles featured short sleeves, gathered bodices, and trains. Their fabrics were more elaborate and were usually made of silk and satin.

Dress codes for work often dictate the types of clothing that employees can wear. Men’s business attire is traditionally a suit while women’s formal attire is usually a long skirt and opera-length gloves. Business-appropriate colors include black and navy. In the past, these dress codes were considered the norm for business-related events until the dot-com craze of the nineties. Most companies were unable to compete with the online boom and began to dress more conservatively.

Influences of culture on fashion styles

Cultural changes influence different aspects of fashion, from the fabrics used to the design. Fabrics are selected in accordance to the region in which the people live, and the indigenous materials used can help create a strong local identity. While there are many influences on fashion, the majority of styles can be traced to one or more primary influences.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, “culture includes a wide range of things, including knowledge, belief, art, morals, laws, customs, and other abilities and habits.” Cultures can be both positive and negative, and the dressing styles of people within them reflect these.

Terms used in fashion

There are a few terms used in fashion that are important to know. These include the terms in Vogue and On Trend, which refer to the hottest styles of clothing at the moment. However, these terms are constantly changing, and you never know what will catch on next. Preppy, for example, refers to clothing with crisp lines and cotton material, like those worn by prep school students in New England. Punk, on the other hand, refers to the edgy side of fashion with piercings, tattoos, and loud music. Punk clothing often includes safety pins and is very dirty. Finally, Sporty refers to a fashion trend that emphasizes athletic lifestyle and is made for active women.

Some of the more popular fashion terms are grouped into different categories, and a basic understanding of these terms will help you understand how clothing is constructed. Some of these terms include “garment silhouette” and “cut.” A silhouette is the outline of a garment or piece, and plays an important role in fashion history. Another term is “ensemble,” which refers to the overall look of an outfit. This can include a dress, accessories, and funky jewellery.