The Internet’s Guide to the Law


Law is the system of rules that governs a society or region. It is a set of regulations that are enforced by the government and helps control the behavior of people.

The Rule of Law is an important tenet of a legal system that ensures that justice is done fairly and that no one is harmed or mistreated. It is also the guiding principle that ensures that everyone is treated equally regardless of their gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Definitions of Law

A law is a rule of conduct that is established by the government and is applied equally to all citizens. It is a legal system that consists of the structures, substance and culture that breathe life into the laws on the books.

Examples of Law

1. Unwritten or common law: a rule of action which derives its authority from long usage, or from established custom, which has been immemorially received and recognized by judicial tribunals.

2. Written law: a rule of action prescribed or enacted by a sovereign, and promulgated and recorded in writing; a written statute, ordinance, edict or decree.

3. Criminal law: dangerous behavior outlawed by the society, government prosecutes the accused, guilt is determined and punishment or fine is imposed.

4. Civil law: regulates rights and duties between parties, victim, not government brings suit, guilt not determined, compensation or equitable relief, is ordered.

5. Legal encyclopedias: An overview of an area of law with definitions and major cases.

6. Treatises: Provide in depth discussion of an area of law with references to primary sources, including a number of law school treatises and handbooks/guides (see the D’Angelo Law Library Treatises page for a list).

7. Periodical Articles Related to the Law: These articles are scholarly and often include continuing and frequently updated coverage of legal topics.

8. Legal Journals: These journals focus on a particular topic in the field of law and are usually indexed by the library to help you find relevant articles easily.

9. Index to Periodical Articles and Newspapers Using the Law: These indexes are especially useful in finding legal articles, and they include a wide range of topics that are often not covered by other legal periodicals.

10. Glossary of Legal Terms: A comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary of legal terms that provides an excellent source for improving searches.

The term law has been around for more than two thousand years, yet many people still don’t understand what it means or how it works. Several authors have given their interpretations of the meaning of law, and many scholars have tried to explain why they think it is important and how it functions.